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HJSC lands a KRW 600 billion contract for four 7900 TEU container ships




- Inks a $220 million deal for two eco-friendly container ships, with the possibility of ordering two more ships later on


- Container Ship Built by HJSC


HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) has clinched a $220 million deal with a European shipping company for two eco-friendly container ships, each capable of carrying 7,900 TEU. The agreement also grants the client an option to order two more ships later, potentially raising the total contract value to KRW 600 billion.


The 7,900 TEU container carriers are designed to be eco-friendly. These ships, measuring 272 meters in length and 42.8 meters in width, boast cutting-edge specifications and can cruise at 22 knots. Construction will take place at HJSC's Yeongdo Shipyard, with deliveries set to commence in 2026.


These container ships are also optimized for fuel efficiency and maximum container capacity, incorporating eco-friendly features and complying with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) environmental regulations. 


Moreover, they will be equipped with a 'SOx scrubber' exhaust gas desulfurization system to meet IMO regulations regarding sulfur oxides. These vessels will be constructed as methanol-ready, allowing for potential transition to carbon-neutral operations in the future by using methanol as a fuel.


In the realm of container ships, HJSC, acknowledged as a world-class entity, is cultivating market trust by leveraging its technological prowess. In 2022, the multinational shipbuilder obtained 'Approval in Principle' from Lloyd’s Register (LR) for a 7,700 TEU LNG dual-fuel container ship. Building on this technological achievement, they also secured orders for two additional vessels of the same type within the same year. 


Recently, there has been a notable surge in inquiries for orders from global shipping companies, driven by the recovery in market conditions and advancements in eco-friendly ship technologies. In particular, it's rumored that following the successful completion of a construction project for six eco-friendly 5,500 TEU container ships, totaling $410 million, which were ordered between 2021 and 2022, the South Korean shipbuilder received praise and gratitude from the satisfied shipping company during the christening ceremony. 


Simultaneously, the leading shipbuilding company in the nation has focused on advancing eco-friendly ship technologies to promote carbon neutrality. This includes the successful development of an 8,500 TEU container ship capable of capturing and storing emitted carbon dioxide from ships, achieved through collaborative research with Finland's Wärtsilä.


An official from HJSC remarked, "This contract reflects our dedicated efforts to develop and secure orders for eco-friendly, high-value-added ships that set industry trends.” He added, “We are committed to meeting our clients' expectations with top-quality vessels and timely delivery, thereby fostering trust and loyalty."

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