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HJSC holds a christening ceremony for two 5500TEU container ships




- Successfully delivered six eco-friendly container ships, reaffirming its excellence in the merchant ships



On May 23, HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) celebrated the christening of two 5500 TEU eco-friendly container ships at its Yeongdo Shipyard in Busan.


Approximately 100 officials, comprising a representative from the ship owner, pre-shipment inspectors, as well as directors and employees from HJSC, attended the event. The two ships, named 'MACKENZIE' and 'COLORADO', were christened by the godmother appointed by the ship owner.


The two 5500 TEU vessels are among the six ships for which orders were received between October 2021 and March 2022. The total contract amount for these vessels is US 410 million dollars.


The South Korean shipbuilder has once again proven its competitiveness in the container ship sector by successfully delivering all six 5,500 TEU eco-friendly container ships. These vessels were previously hailed as a signal of re-entry into the merchant ship market back in 2021.


In particular, the multinational shipbuilding company successfully concluded the project by conducting naming ceremonies for the first two ships in August of last year. This was followed by the completion of the shipbuilding process for the 3rd and 4th ships in February, and finally, the last 5th and 6th ships on this day. Moreover, by consistently building six ships with identical designs and specifications, the company attained the repetitive construction effects, optimizing shipbuilding efficiency in terms of productivity and profitability.


HJSC has been making its mark in the eco-friendly container ship sector, especially in the 5,500-9,000 TEU category, with projects involving methanol-ready and dual-fuel vessels, along with methanol-powered ships. These initiatives highlight the global shipbuilder's accumulated technological expertise and competitiveness in the container ship sector, leveraging its historical strengths in the field.


The container ship showcased in this ceremony is also engineered as an eco-friendly container carrier, incorporating cutting-edge technology for optimal efficiency. With dimensions measuring 255 meters in length and 37.3 meters in width, it is designed as a methanol-ready vessel, capable of delivering around 40% fuel savings due to its advanced linear design and high fuel efficiency. Furthermore, it has the capability to operate carbon neutrally.


An official from HJSC commented, “With the successful delivery of all six eco-friendly container carriers during this christening ceremony, we have honored the trust of the ship owners who commissioned these vessels.” He continued, “From eco-friendly ships pioneering the carbon-zero era to a range of cutting-edge and special-purpose vessels, we remain committed to accumulating advanced technological expertise and enhancing our competitiveness in shipbuilding.”


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