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HJSC Construction holds ‘Occupational Safety and Health Session for CEOs from Vendor Companies’




- Continues to foster win-win cooperation in occupational safety and health and builds an ecosystem to grow alongside vendors
- Aims to achieve 'Zero Serious Accidents' for five consecutive years and emerge as a leader in occupational safety and health


- CEO Kim Wan-seok, fifth from the left in the front row


On May 22, HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) hosted an ‘Occupational Safety & Health Session’ at Namyeong Building in Seoul, with CEOs from its trusted business partners in attendance. 
This event, specially designed for fostering mutual prosperity in occupational safety and health, features awards for outstanding vendors, discussions on policy directions within the field, and support plans for vendors.


One top vendor and two commendable vendors were honored with a certificate of merit and a medal each, based on their performance in the Occupational Safety & Health Assessment. Furthermore, government experts specializing in occupational safety and health were invited to assist in developing occupational safety and health management systems and provide educational sessions on preventing major accidents. Additionally, cooperative measures by HJSC for mutual prosperity were highlighted during the event.


Every year, the multinational constructor hosts its occupational safety and health conference, with invitations extended to CEOs from vendor companies. An official from HJSC emphasized, “Our objective is to establish a sustainable ecosystem for mutual prosperity with our vendors.”


To achieve this goal, HJSC has initiated a cyber construction safety and health academy, offering online safety education to employees of its vendor companies. The nation’s foremost construction company has also conducted group education sessions on occupational safety for directors and supervisors from these vendors. Moreover, it has actively collaborated with its vendors to promote occupational safety and health awareness and culture. 


During this event, the distribution of an occupational safety and health handbook to vendors received significant acclaim, as it was tailored to simplify the application of legal aspects like the Occupational Safety and Health Act, along with safety and health standards and procedures, in practical scenarios.


Thanks to these initiatives and refined construction site operation and management, the South Korean construction company has achieved ‘Zero Serious Accidents’ for four consecutive years. This year, it aims to maintain this record for the fifth consecutive year.


During the session, CEO Kim Wan-seok stated, “Our partnership with vendors has been instrumental in achieving ‘Zero Serious Accidents’ for four consecutive years.” He added, “With occupational safety & health and quality as our top priorities, we are committed to extending this success into the fifth year and establishing ourselves as leaders in occupational safety and health.”

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