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HJSC Holds Simultaneous Naming Ceremony for Two 5,500 TEU Container Ships




- Completion of Delivery for Four Container Ships, Reinforcing Competitive Edge in Eco-Friendly Vessel Technology



On the morning of the 6th, HJSC (CEO Yoo Sang-cheol in the Shipbuilding Business) held a simultaneous naming ceremony for two 5,500 TEU eco-friendly container ships at the Yeongdo Shipyard in Busan. 


The event, attended by around 100 participants including shipowners, classification society inspectors, and HJSC directors and employees, took place on this day. The two vessels were named 'ZIM YANGTZE' and 'ZIM MISSISSIPPI,' respectively.


hese vessels are part of HJSC's announcement to re-enter the container ship market with an order of four container ships in October 2021, marking the company's return after a six-year hiatus in the general cargo ship market. The following year, HJSC secured an additional order for two more similar vessels, bringing the total to six. The construction contracts for these 5,500 TEU container ships amounted to a total of USD 410 million. Since the signing of the contracts, HJSC has been actively engaged in the construction process at the Yeongdo Shipyard. Today's naming ceremony for the two additional vessels follows the previous ceremonies for the first and second ships in the series.


With this, HJSC has successfully completed the construction of four eco-friendly 5,500 TEU-class container ships, reaffirming its position as a traditional powerhouse in the container shipping sector and once again gaining recognition for its competitiveness. 


With respect to the naming ceremony, an official of the shipowner stated, "We are very pleased to secure modern and efficient state-of-the-art eco-friendly container ships suitable for our company's global business network.“ 


As known, HJSC has been making significant strides in the field of eco-friendly container ships ranging from 5,500 TEU to 9,000 TEU, including methanol-ready vessels, dual-fuel (DF) ships, and methanol-powered vessels.


The vessels named on this day are designed as methanol-ready ships, enabling a transition to carbon-neutral operations using eco-friendly methanol. They feature cutting-edge specifications and eco-friendly designs, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption by approximately 40%. These ships also comply with the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) environmental ship standards, EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index)-Phase 3 and NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) Tier III requirements.


An official from HJSC stated, 'We have delivered four container ships so far, and we are committed to completing the remaining two with utmost attention to both the process and quality to fully reciprocate the trust of our clients. Moving forward, we will enhance our competitiveness through differentiated technological capabilities, ranging from eco-friendly ships leading the way in carbon neutrality to high-value special-purpose vessels.


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