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HJSC is named “The Best GOOD WORKPLACE”, certified as ‘charity angel’




- Made donation to local community over 3 decades, Busan-Community-Chest-of-Korea Signboard handed over
- A total of KRW 2,054,222,000 donated over 20 years since 2003, actively participating in charity culture 


- President of Busan Community Chest of Korea Choi Geum-sik (left) and CEO of HJSC Yoo Sang-cheol (right)


On January 18, HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) held the signboard hanging ceremony in celebration of the awarding of ‘The Best GOOD WORKPLACE’ from the Busan Community Chest of Korea. 


The event was held at HJSC Yeongdo Shipyard in the attendance of officials including CEO of HJSC Yoo Sang-cheol, President of Busan Community Chest of Korea Choi Geum-sik and Director of Busan Community Chest of Korea Office of General Affairs Park Seon-wook.  


The management and employees of the global shipbuilder have donated a part of their wages since 1993 under the ‘1 Charity Account’ movement and helped disadvantaged neighbors though local charity groups. This charity movement has lasted over 30 years even when the company was suffering from the economic slowdown. Specifically, the South Korean constructor has donated a total of KRW 2,054,222,000 over 2 decades from 2003 through the Community Chest of Korea which was founded in 1998. 

- CEO of HJSC Yoo Sang-cheol (left) and President of Busan Community Chest of Korea Choi Geum-sik (right)


Under the Best GOOD WORKPLACE program, employees have donated a part of their wages every month. Any group with 5 or more members is welcomed to join the charity movement.  

The Best GOOD WORKPLACE winners are chosen through strict reviews among the businesses and organizations that donate at least KRW 10 million for more than 3 years. At least a half of all employees are required to participate in the charity movement. 


At present, about 1,500 businesses, organizations and groups are under the Best GOOD WORKPLACE. Among them, nearly 3 percent have been active in such charity activities. In Busan, Busan Medical Center (BMC), Busan Metropolitan City Fire Disaster Headquarters, INJE University Busan PAIK Hospital, INJE University Haeundae PAIK Hospital and SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS have been awarded the Best GOOD WORKPLACE. 


President of Busan Community Chest of Korea Choi Geum-sik said, “The management and employees of HJSC have shared their love with poor neighbors through this charity movement for 3 decades. They are definitely qualified for this award.” He continued, “I hope that more businesses and organizations are honored to receive the award, spreading the charity culture across the city.

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