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HJSC started the New Year with power plant decommissioning




- Signed a contract for decommissioning the Ulsan fuel oil power plant units 4-6
- Targeted to win a bid for decommissioning the Honam coal-fired power plant units 1 and 2


- A Complete View of the Ulsan Fuel Oil Power Plant Units 4-6


On January 4, HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) announced that it was named the successful bidder for the Ulsan fuel oil power plant units 4-6 decommissioning project launched by Korea East-West Power Company. 


The Ulsan fuel oil power plant units 4-6 which had been run since 1980 were the nation’s largest fuel oil power plant with 1200㎿ capacity. In the beginning, they accounted for approximately 15 percent of total domestic power generation. After 41-year operation, they were shut down in February 2022.


The decommissioning project is to remove machine and control facilities including three 400MW turbines, concrete structures and steel frames. A successful bidder was chosen through a comprehensive evaluation bidding system in consideration of construction capability, a construction plan and bid price. HJSC was named the highest bidder with KRW 57.5 billion (VAT included). The construction is scheduled to be completed in March 2026 (27 months). 


The multinational constructor is currently building the Boryeong New Combined Unit Cycle Unit 1, Shinsejong Combined Cycle Power Plant and Gangneung Anin Coal-fired Power Plant. In August last year, it completed the construction of the Yangsan Community Energy Plant. The global company has constructed power plants across the country including Yangju, Byeongnae, Chuncheon and Seocheon. Because of such extensive construction achievements and advanced technology, HJSC has been able to win the bid. 


The Korean government plans to downsize and shut down old thermal power plants in accordance with the 10th Master Plan for Long-term Electricity Supply and Demand announced in January 2023. It is anticipated that the Honam coal-fired power plant units 1 and 2 decommissioning project would be launched in the first half of this year. 


An official from HJSC said, “Based on our extensive power plant construction knowhow and advanced technology, we are going to decommission the Ulsan fuel oil power plant units 4-6 successfully.” He continued, “We will keep focusing on inning more bids based on such excellence.”

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