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HJSC CEO Hong Moon-ki became the first president of the Korea Port Equipment Industry Association




- KOPEIA(Korea Port Equipment Industry Association) established to incubate and support domestic port equipment industry 
- Determined to become active in properly respond to the shift to smart port and port automation


- CEO Hong Moon-ki holding the KOPEIA flag (right), Seung-Hwan Choi, Minister of Oceans and Fisheries (left)


On November 15, the launching ceremony of the Korea Port Equipment Industry Association (KOPEIA) was held at Grand Hyatt Seoul with the attendance of about 100 officials including Seung-Hwan Choi, Minister of Oceans and Fisheries. HJSC CEO Hong Moon-ki was named as the first president of the association. 


The KOPEIA was organized by the leaders in port crane, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and the port operation system with a goal of incubating port equipment industry and developing related technologies. KOPEIA members include HJSC, DOOSAN Enerbility, Hyundai Rotem, SEOHO Electric, HANMI TECHWIN, CyberLogitec and TOTAL SOFT BANK.  


Recently, smart port and port automation have been a trend in port industry. In fact, the global port automation equipment market is expected to grow by 6.4% annually from US 3.8 billion dollars in 2019 to US 5.7 billion dollars by 2027. The Republic of Korea also plans to invest KRW 2 trillion for port automation in Busan New Port, Gwangyang Port, New Port of Incheon and Jinhae New Port. 


To properly respond to the current trend of smart port and port automation, the KOPEIA targets to i) analyze industry trends and share information, ii) develop and provide port smart & automation technologies, iii) promote international cooperation such as support on the development of overseas markets and iv) provide education to nurture port equipment engineers. The organization also plans to apply such new technologies to domestic ports and even penetrate into overseas markets. 


The president Hong Moon-ki said, “We are going to play a bridge role between the government and businesses for co-prosperity in domestic port equipment industry. We are also committed to going abroad.” 


Seung-Hwan Choi, Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, also mentioned, “We will help domestic port equipment industry well respond to such smart port & automation trend through the KOPEIA. We hope that it would grow into the world’s leading market.”

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