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HJSC names two 5500TEU container ships




- Proving its excellence in merchant vessels by successfully delivering eco-friendly container ships



On August 30, HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) held a naming ceremony for two 5500 TEU container ships at Yeongdo Shipyard in Busan, demonstrating its excellence in merchant vessel construction. 


At the event, which was attended by nearly 100 people including officials from the ship owner and HJSC directors, CEO Yoo Sang-cheol said, “We are honored to do business with the renowned ship owner.” He continued, “Based on our extensive shipbuilding knowhow and advanced technologies, we are going to maximize customer satisfaction in the high-tech and eco-friendly ship market.” 


The two 5500 TEU eco-friendly container carriers ordered by a European ship owner were named, ‘ZIM DANUBE’ and ‘ZIM GANGES’ respectively. 


This contract for the two container ships was signed for the first time in six years in general merchant ship business after the South Korean shipbuilder had a new largest shareholder in August 2021. They were finally christened after a two-year process. At the time, the global shipbuilding company announced its re-entry into the market by winning the US 270 million dollar contract to build four 5500 TEU container ships from European shipping lines. 


Since then, the company has focused on winning orders for merchant vessels with the goal of normalizing its business. It has secured 10 orders for medium and large eco-friendly 5500-9000TEU container ships, cementing its place as a global shipbuilder. 


In February, in particular, the nation’s leading shipbuilder signed a KRW 316.7 billion contract with HMM to build two 9000TEU methanol-powered container ships, proving its competitiveness in the field of next-generation eco-friendly container ships. Methanol-powered ships emit 25% less carbon emissions and 80% and 99% less nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide, respectively. Therefore, they are considered to be a new future growth engine for domestic shipbuilding industry. 


In special-purpose vessels as well, HJSC has successfully won additional orders for the ROK Navy's high-speed landing craft and patrol boats, the ROKS Dokdo performance improvement project, JLOTS and the Coast Guard's 3,000-ton patrol vessel. 


An official from HJSC said, “We have proven our excellence in merchant vessel business through this christening ceremony.” He added, “We are committed to taking a big step forward by building cutting-edge and high value-added vessels in eco-friendly ship business based on our advanced technologies, covering from diverse warships to special purpose vessels to take the lead in the Era of Carbon Neutrality.”


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