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HJSC hits the jackpot of KRW 650 billion contracts by winning bids at the end of the year




- Wins a contract for the nation’s first combined joint logistics over the shore (CJLOTS) and a bid for the 3,000 ton-class Navy patrol boat 
- Winning a total of nearly KRW 250 billion contracts consecutively since the inauguration of President Yoo Sang-cheol


The U.S. Navy’s JLOTS


HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) won a KRW 164.1 billion contract for the nation’s first combined joint logistics over the shore (CJLOTS) and a KRW 85.1 billion bid for the 3,000 ton-class Navy patrol boat last month. 


In sum, the global shipbuilding company has signed about KRW 650 billion contracts over a month including the ROK Navy Dokdo Improvement Project, starting a bid for 4 patrol boats in November last year. 


From patrol boats to various naval vessels, landing ships and landing transport helicopters (LPHs), HJSC has built all kinds of warships. The multinational shipbuilder has proven its excellence in national defense industry, handling all kinds of projects for the ROK Navy from the design to the construction and performance improvements of ships by winning the ROK Navy Dokdo Improvement Project and a bid for CJLOTS. 


The goal of the CJLOTS is to build a temporary port facility at a region where such port facilities have been destructed and provide logistics to the military forces on land. This operation can also be performed to rescue people stranded by disasters (e.g., typhoon, fire, etc.) on an island.  


In particular, the Korean JLOTS developed with 100% HJSC technology includes professional equipment such as loading/unloading mooring pontoon, floating bridge, floating bridge tug boat, landing craft utility (LCU), oil spill response vessel and logistics over the shore (LOTS) equipment. Facing the ocean on three sides, the ROK Navy improved equipment conformity and enhanced its capacity enough to perform the JLOTS solely. 


The 120m-long, 3,000 ton-class Navy patrol boat made with high-tensile strength steel in the latest hull design can reach speeds of up to 24 knots (45km/h), featuring a cutting-edge hybrid propulsion system. This high-performance boat can sail for 40 days even without replenishment and carry out multi-purpose tasks such as search and rescue operations. 


By winning a bid for this boat, the South Korean shipbuilder has again proven its competitiveness in coat guard patrol ships. From 2000 to 2008, the global shipbuilding company has built and provided various naval ships including five 3,000 ton-class patrol boats. 
In 1974, HJSC was named as the nation’s first national defense industry corporation in warships. Based on advanced technologies and extensive knowhow accumulated for the past 5 decades, the multinational shipbuilder has successfully completed various projects such as the construction of the latest warships, depot maintenance, performance improvements and construction of combat facilities and provided total solutions to its clients. 
An official from HJSC said, “With a great pride as the nation’s best shipbuilder and defense-industry leader, we are going to make a contribution to the improvements of maritime defense and military operation capabilities for the ROK Navy and coast guard by successfully building and providing the JLOTS and naval patrol boats.”

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