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HJSC wins a bid to build two dual-fuel LNG 7,700 TEU-class container ships




- Anticipated to reach half of the goal for the year with a total contract amount rising to KRW 800 billion if all the option is exercised


(HJSCs Container Ship)


HJ Shipbuilding & Construction (HJSC) announced that it signed a USD 240 billion contract with a European ship owner to build two 7,700 TEU dual-fuel LNG container vessels (optional for the construction of two more ships). 


The South Korean shipbuilder signed a contract to build four 5,500TEU container ships last year and won another bid for two more vessels in same class in March this year. With this successful bid of two 7,700TEU container ships, the global shipbuilding company now has 8 container vessels to build. 


Since this contract includes an option for the construction of two more ships, an additional order is expected. If this option is exercised, the company’s order book this year will rise to a total of ten 10 ships worth about KRW 800 billion, exceeding half of the goal for the year. 


The eco-friendly 7,700TEU LNG-powered containerships will measure 272 meters in length and will be able to travel at a speed of 22 knots. The boxship design was approved by the British classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) in April this year. 


The design incorporates GTT’s Mark Ill Flex membrane, which is often used in large-capacity fuel tanks. The storage tank will have a capacity of 6,100㎥, maximizing container-loading capacity. 


The project was developed in accordance with the International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code) which aims to minimize the risk to ships, their crews, and the environment, given the nature of the fuels involved. The design is expected to meet all related environmental regulations including the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s limit on SOx emissions, Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Phase III which became more stringent starting April 1, 2022 and the International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or Other Low Flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code). 


The multinational shipbuilder ensured that six 5,500TEU-class containers ships are methanol-powered. Since the latest eco-friendly technologies are used to build 7,700TEU container ships, the company has gained trust from the market.


An official from HJSC said, “It is the first contract for dual-fuel 7,700TEU LNG container ships which were approved the British classification society in April.” He continued, “We are going to keep making our best efforts to the development of eco-friendly high value-added ships, responding to our clients’ diverse needs in this carbon-neutral era.”


Meanwhile, HJSC aims to build the container ships at its Yeongdo Shipyard, Busan and hand over in sequence, starting from late 2024.

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